2 Challenges All Agency Owners Struggle With

There are two concerns that we hear all the time.

Number One: How do I make sure that the team is doing what I’ve asked them to do? People are often afraid to ask that out loud because they worry that it makes them seem like they have no idea what they’re doing.

Number Two: I don’t know how to let the team do it. I am so afraid that I need to touch it. I’m afraid that they’re going to say the wrong thing, or they’re going to do the wrong thing, or they’re not going to deliver it the way that I would.

The solution to these two big fears is the same. Hire the right people.

Hire people who are really good at what they do, so that when you give them a project, they know how to do it. If they didn’t come to you knowing how to do it, you have to know that you have trained them well, and that the expectations are clear. “I have to touch it, and I’m afraid of letting someone else’s voice shine through,” that’s just your anxiety talking. If you hire great people, the people you hire should be better at the thing that they do than you are.

Never hire so someone can do something instead of you. Hire people who do things better than you. This is a huge issue. A lot of subject matter experts who become founders feel threatened, on some level, by other smart people. They feel like if they let other voices into the conversation, their expertise and their authority is somehow diminished. In actuality, the inverse is true.

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