How to Create Authority

Creating authority can be a real challenge because authority means that you have a point of view, a set of experiences, or a way of thinking that is different from other people. A lot of agency owners, entrepreneurs, and managers are impacted by a sort of imposter syndrome where you wonder, “Am I good enough to be an authority?” Yes, you are.

The key to creating authority is confidence, but it’s also the idea of translation. You translate things that you know how to do into something that is relevant for the people you are seeking to be an authoritative figure for. You want to describe why to do something or what to do, not the precise details of how to do it.

It is direction and vision that create authority, that and your ability to confidently deliver information. The real key to authority is understanding which parts of the information in your head your audience needs. It’s not the down deep technical details. It’s the “what to do” and the “why to do it.” The “how to do it,” is why they hire your agency.

Explaining what needs to be done is just providing context. Your real power as a provider is in the fact that you have technical excellence that allows you to know what to do, and you’re able to accomplish it and optimize it in a way that your clients can’t

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